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Karen Summer

Karen Summer

AKA: ( Dana Alper, Karen Sommars, Karen Summers, Karin Sommers, Karren Summers, Maria Johnson, Michel Lee, Michelle Lee, Ricky Lane)AKA Karen Summer
Birthday: July 22, 1962
Astrology: Cancer
Birthplace: n/a
Years Active: 1982 – 2012
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: n/a
Hair Color: Brown, Blond
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a

1970s 1980s 1990s Classic porn stars!

Partners: Francois, Gina Carrera, Marc Wallace, Sunny Glick, Tom Byron,
Biography: Porn Star Karen Summer was a hard-working yet under-appreciated starlet who strutted her sexual stuff in nearly 100 features during the 1980′s. Karen Summer started her carnal career in 1982′s ‘Centerfold Celebrities.’ Early on, Karen Summer exhibited very little on-screen charisma or even interest in what she was doing, but within a few short months she had turned into a brazenly sexual woman who could take control of any scene she was in and lead it down the road to sinfully excessive ecstasy. Karen Summer was a strawberry blonde who wore her lank, curly hair halfway down her back. She had a thin body with a tiny butt and medium-sized, droopy breasts. than anything, Karen Summer looked like a biker’s old lady who decided to stop waiting around for him to get back and went out to find some hot lovin’ for herself. Karen Summer had a slightly rough look to her, like she could beat up any man who didn’t fall under her seductive spell. Luckily for the ranks of porn studs everywhere, she didn’t have to worry about that. Karen Summer specialized in woman-next-door type roles, and played them to the hilt. Her average looks and energetic sexing made for an appealing combo and always made her performances totally convincing. Karen Summer retired in late 1988 to concentrate on an exotic dance career, leaving behind lots of steamy, sweaty performances for fans to remember her by. More


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