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Jenny Baxter

Jenny Baxter

AKA: ( Annie Blaker, Bonnie Clatch, Celia Cordell, Cindi Rhodes, Cindy Reems, Gloria Rickoff, Helen Bubbles, Janet Baldwin, Janet Beaver, Janis King, Jenny Kate, Joanne Iverson, Karen Regis, Laura Hunt, Lucy Woods, Michelle DuMee, Mimi Dauche, Randa Lee, Rene Berlaine, Renee Verlaine, Roxanne Louis, Sarah Barnes, Stephanie Dennis, Stephany Dennis)AKA Jenny Baxter
Birthday: n/a
Astrology: n/a
Birthplace: n/a
Years Active: 1974 – 1987
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American , Jewish
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a

1970s 1980s 1990s Classic porn stars!

Partners: Crystal Sync, Eric Edwards, Marlene Willoughby, Sharon Mitchell, Vanessa Del Rio,
Biography: From 1976 through early 1978, Porn Star Jenny Baxter was the lady of choice when a hardcore role called for someone with both innocent young looks and a wanton sexual hunger. Jenny Baxter was a very pretty young woman who could turn on the nasty charm like she was flicking a light switch. It’s clear from watching Jenny Baxter in action that she was totally into her work, and her sex scenes are happy and highly erotic romps that don’t let up for a second. Jenny Baxter sexed her way through a sensual slate of sex films during 1976 as she jumped into hardcore with both feet. One of her first films, ‘Midnight Desires,’ contains a scene that tells you all you need to know about Jenny Baxter. She stars in a fantasy scene set in the 1800′s, in which she’s accosted by three highwaymen and taken to their tavern for an evening of debauchery. Jenny Baxter takes on all three with relish, working herself into a lusty lather as she merrily drains each of them of every last bit of passion. It’s a highly erotic scene that captures Jenny Baxter at her insatiable best. Jenny Baxter brought her youthful exuberance to just under ten flicks during the next year, including ‘Legend Dreams Of Mona Q,’ in which she flaunts her nasty side in an aggressive tryst in a lover’s lane lust-fest. Jenny Baxter also appeared in the classic sex film ‘The Opening Of Misty Beethoven’ and the lesbian epic ‘The Trouble With Young Stuff.’ Jenny Baxter left the scene after just over a year, leaving behind a carnal catalog that’s long on passion, even if it’s short on titles. More


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