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Brigitte Maier

Brigitte Maier

AKA: ( Birgitte Meyer, Bridget Maier, Bridgette, Bridgette Maier, Brigitte, Brigitte Meyer, Carol Schlecht, Raye Turner)AKA Brigitte Maier
Birthday: August 7, 1952
Astrology: Leo
Birthplace: SH, Germany
Years Active: 1971 – 1993
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: German
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: Yes (Heart on right butt cheek)
Piercing: n/a

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Partners: Connie Krumpert, Dawn Cummings, Peter Boll, Sandy Dempsey, Lilly Foster,
Biography: Porn Star Brigitte Maier was a European sex kitten who made quite a sensual splash on the American hardcore scene during the mid-1970s. Brigitte Maier sexed her way through a handful of wildly erotic films before packing up her carnal wares and settling into a mainstream lifestyle. She was a strikingly pretty woman with some of the smoothest, creamiest skin you’ll ever set eyes on and a mane of gorgeous reddish-brown hair. Her wide, expressive eyes were impossible to ignore, and her youthfully fresh face gave her an aura of innocence that she was than happy to shatter at the first chance. Brigitte Maier’s body was a lithe and wonderfully flexible one, with a set of lusciously ripe and firm breasts that were just about the nicest, fullest bra busters in 70s porn. Brigitte Maier was born on August 7, 1952 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and moved to the States with her family when she was four years old. She appeared in lots of men’s magazines in addition to her hardcore career, including a 1974 Penthouse Pet layout and a 1975 Playboy spread. Brigitte Maier’s exotic accent added an extra hint of sensuality and eroticism to her performances. Despite her youthfully delectable good looks, she often played older women, engaging in extra-marital affairs to satisfy her delicious desires. Brigitte Maier was the on-again, off-again girlfriend of early porn impresario Lasse Braun, and the hardcore rumor mill has her playing a central role in getting him the funding for his first big feature. Supposedly, it was Brigitte Maier’s lusty oral favors to financier Reuben Sturman that got him the money needed to shoot the erotic opus ‘Sensations.’ Fittingly, it was Brigitte Maier’s passionate performance in that flick that helped make it a cornerstone classic of 70s porn. One of Brigitte Maier’s best performances was her turn in 1974′s ‘Marriage And Other Four Letter Words.’ She turned in a sizzling bit as a swinging housewife who let nothing stand in the way of a good, lusty time. The scenes of wife-swapping were explosively erotic, helped along by Brigitte Maier’s erotically experienced hands . Brigitte Maier appeared in only a few sex films before departing the Stateside hardcore scene, including such classics as ‘The Second Coming Of Eva’ and ‘French Blue,’ where her delirious DP debauchery ranked with the most over-the-top of the entire decade. She dropped out of sight in the late 70s, and at last report was living somewhere in New York. Brigitte Maier was recently featured in the documentary ‘I Was the King of Porn,’ a look back at the life and times of her former beau, Lasse Braun. Even after all this time, Brigitte Maier’s beauty and verve are guaranteed to lift the spirits of any porn fan. More


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