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Lucy Li – Solo

Lucy Li is a certified athletic trainer that discovered her love of stripping when she began teaching a pole dancing class. Lucy was asked to fill in for a colleague one day and run an aerobic pole dancing class and from the moment the cold pole hit her hands, she was hooked! Lucy gets off on the empowerment she gets when stripping for an audience. She is in control, she is running the show and she is sharing her innermost sexuality with you, right there on stage. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/25.5/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Belle Claire – Solo

Belle Claire came to us straight from the runway. Fashion is her passion and she is designing her own high end lingerie line for women that love women. Did we mention that Belle is a total bisexual. She loves a woman’s curves and tells us there will always be both men and women in her personal life. Belle loves flirting and taking a woman home, getting her naked and discovering where all her hidden tattoos are! She calls them artistic presents. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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The Red Fox – Solo

Calling herself The Red Fox, this beauty from the Ukraine considers herself a performance artist. Yes, she is a stripper but every dance is intimate to her and she wants it to be incredibly intimate for you to watch. The Red Fox studied Art History and Acting at University which is when she started dancing erotically to pay for tuition. Soon she found it more pleasurable to dance on stage and feel the sexual energy generated by the crowd, then to study from a book all day. And that is when The Red Fox was created. Now you can enjoy every curve of her body and every roll of her hip as often as you want when you download her world famous stage shows. — UKRAINE, 35/24/35, BLOND, European

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Katya Clover – Solo

We are proud to bring you the delicious Katya Clover from Vladivostok, Russia. We call her delicious because she wears this vanilla and peach body cream that smells like a mouth watering cobbler pie. Katya tells us she tastes as good as she smells and we totally believe her! Katya has a smooth sexiness about her that draws people in. Her hobbies include flirting, dancing, clubbing and flirting with more flirting thrown in for good measure. Yes, Katya is a wild flirt and it’s one of the reasons she loves performing so much. Every dance she does is her way of flirting with the world so get ready to get to know every inch of the beautiful and flirty Katya! — RUSSIA, 34/23.4/36, FAIR, European

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Viola – Solo

Viola is 20 years old and she comes to us from Latvia. Not only is Viola hot with big boobs but she loves high heels and having fun. Viola describes herself as a big flirt that loves to make people feel good about themselves. She thinks her legs are one of her best assets and she tells us that the smell of homemade apple pie baking away in the oven always makes her horny. — LATVIA, 37/25.5/36, BLOND, European

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Lucy Heart – Sex On The beach

Lucy Heart is yet another gorgeous blonde to join the Desk Babes team. Straight out of Russia, Lucy has one of the biggest sex drives that we have ever seen in a model. Lucy loves sex and she has a lot of it. She hits on all the women that she works with and we have to say she’s definitely got game! Models are lining up left and right to work with her so we are sure you are going to love Lucy just as much as the Desk Babes girls do! — RUSSIA, 37/28.1/37, BLOND, European

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Vinna Reed – Solo

Vinna Reed is yet another blonde beauty to join our team from the Czech Republic. Vinna describes herself as shy and reserved, which is hard to believe when you see her take the stage! But she explains that when she dances she lets go of all her inhibitions and gets super into the moment. She absolutely loves the person she becomes on stage and it is a great turn on to her. When she is not dancing, Horni enjoys studying the classics. She was an English Literature major at University and she hopes to teach on the college level some day. Horni is the complete package. She is smart, sexy and ready to dance for you! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/24/33, BLOND, European

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2 new DeskBabes cards

Get a double dose of Tracy Smile this week as she gets naked and masturbates in two different performances.

Fans can’t get enough of Tracy’s big boobs so we doubled up on her double D’s!

Imagine waking up to find Tracy standing over you in that satin robe with her hair askew as she starts to dance for you in your own bedroom!

Then imagine what it would be like to come home to Tracy as she wears a cute grey and pink nightie to reward you after a long day at work.

Tracy loves connecting with her fans and giving them the real girlfriend experience, so download her performances today and let your fantasies turn into realities!

f0064 Tracy Smile/Solo
f0065 Tracy Smile/Solo

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Tracy Smile – Solo

Tracy Smile is ready to share some very sexy private moments with you right now. She may be pierced and naked, but that doesn’t make her any less innocent. Notice how she transforms from a shy sweetheart to a sultry minx right in front of your eyes. This Czech mate is the one you’ll want to watch again and again! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/23.4/35, FAIR, European

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Hot in comfort

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The passion she feels towards her body is something she expresses fully in this video as she touches her hot body softly.

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Hot in comfort

Taking it off

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Her naughty time is not complete until she has her clothes on, so she drops tem to reveal her sexy teen pussy in her video.

Taking it off

Teen naughtiness

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Skinny brunette gets naughty in her bedroom where she touches her amazing body parts and gets horny on video.

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Teen naughtiness

Naked morning

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First hours of her day are going by with unimaginable lust as she rubs her naked body to her bed and creates a sexy video.

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Naked morning

Lustful mornings

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She woke up today with a burning desire to get down and dirty so she uses her momentum to make the sexiest movie ever.

Lustful mornings

Sunshine pussy

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This glamorous model does not wait around too much to get naked, she gets straight to the point in her sexy video.

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Sunshine pussy

In the wild

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There is something sexy lurking in the wilderness, waiting for you to witness its beauty in this movie as she embraces herself.

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In the wild

Forest lump

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Long haired redhead embraces her sexiness in a great spot she found in the forest and gives a good view of her pussy on vid.

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Forest lump

Embracing herself

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Hot redhead babe embraces every bit of her sexy curves with every pose she does, making her video even richer.

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Embracing herself

Finally topless

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This redhead finally feels the urge to lose some of her clothing as she feels the desire to get naughty for her sexy video.

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Finally topless

Stunning tits

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Naughty redhead does not undress, she only flashes her amazing tits in the video but that is plenty of joy.

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Stunning tits

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